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Veronica & Tommy - The Dorm (X-art) **09.28.2011** HD.1080p


Posted on September 30, 2011 in Misc » Others , downloaded 105 times

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Veronica & Tommy - The Dorm (X-art) **09.28.2011** HD.1080p


Veronica & Tommy

Remember the good old days in college? In this exquisite HD video from X-Art, watch a cute college couple as they have sex with each other for the very first time!

Veronica walked slowly into Tommy's dorm room, wearing a skimpy negligee. Slowly, she made her way to the bed, teasing him as she undressed.

As she pulled her top down, her perfectly firm breasts and smooth nipples stood at attention.

Veronica grabbed his bulging cock in one hand, bringing it to her lips. She teased the tip before taking it DEEP - as far as possible down her throat. She smiled and looked up while she swallowed his cock, showing off her incredible oral sex skills.

Once he was hard, Veronica reclined on the bed, showing off her perky ass and then turning over to spread her pussy open while looking him in the eyes - the ULTIMATE temptation.

When it was finally time, Tommy pushed the head of his massive cock into her pussy. Veronica moaned - a blend of pleasure and an overwhelming 'tight' feeling inside.

As she rode his cock, Veronica let go and felt the waves of pleasure come over her body.

When Tommy was finally on the edge of ecstasy, Veronica took his cock in her mouth one last time, smiling the sweetest smile as he came in her mouth!

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