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Richard Barbieri - Things Buried (Upmix DTS CD)


Posted on May 24, 2008 in Music » Electronic , downloaded 64 times

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Richard Barbieri - Things Buried (DTS)
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Read this before you download:

This an upmix DTS CD for burning to a CD using the burning software of your choice. To play this CD you need to have a DVD player that supports DTS and a surround sound amp that is capable of handling the surround signal from the dvd player. If you don\'t know if your equipment is capable of handling this, then it probably doesn\'t!

Don\'t play this on equipment that isn\'t compatible because you\'ll only hear static and feel like a bit of an idiot!


Richard Barbieri was a founder member of Japan alongside David Sylvian, Steve Jansen, Mick Karn & Rob Dean. When the band split he worked on a number of projects including the Dolphin Brothers (see the DTS torrent for their CD) & various ex-bandmates albums as well forming JBK & co-founding Medium Productions.

He\'s now a fully paid up member of Porcupine Tree but this remains his only true solo album. Checckout the discography:



1977 Adolescent Sex Hansa Records

1978 Obscure Alternatives Hansa Records

1979 Quiet Life Hansa Records

1980 Gentlemen Take Polaroids Virgin records

1981 Tin Drum Virgin Records

1981 Assemblage (compilation) Hansa Records

1983 Oil on Canvas (live album) Virgin Records

1984 Exorcising Ghosts (compilation) Virgin Records

1989 Souvenir From Japan (compilation) Hansa Records

1991 The Other Side Of Japan (compilation) Receiver Records


1991 Rain Tree Crow Virgin Records


1985 Worlds In A Small Room Pan East (UK)

JVC Victor (Japan)

1991 Stories Across Borders Venture / Virgin

1995 Stone To Flesh Medium Productions

1996 Other Worlds In A Small Room Medium Productions


1994 Beginning to Melt Medium Productions

1994 Seed Medium Productions

1999 Ism Polydor / Medium

2001 Playing in a Room with People Medium Productions


1987 Catch the Fall Virgin Records

1987 Face To Face (Japanese T.V.C.M. 7” Single) Virgin Records

(Also included on Virgin Japan CD release of

Catch The Fall)


1997 Changing Hands Medium Productions


1996 (Richard Barbieri/Suzanne Barbieri) Medium Productions


1994 Flame One Little Indian


2001 T’AI Auditorium


2005 Things Buried Intact Records


1993 Up the Downstair Delerium Records

1995 The Sky Moves Sideways Delerium Records

1996 Signify * Delerium Records

1997 Coma Divine Delerium Records

1998 Metanoia * Delerium Records

1999 Stupid Dream Snapper Records*

2000 Voyage 34 –The Complete Trip* Snapper Records

2000 Lightbulb Sun* Snapper Records

2001 Recordings * Snapper Records

2002 Stars Die – The Delerium Years 91-97 Snapper Records

2002 In Absentia Lava / Warners

2005 Deadwing Lava / Warners

2007 Fear of a Blank Planet


Guest Appearances * includes Barbieri composition

1982 Mick Karn – Titles Virgin Records

1983 Ippu Do – Night Mirage Epic/Sony Records

1984 David Sylvian – Brilliant Trees Virgin Records

1985 Ippu Do – Live And Zen (live album) Epic/Sony Records

1986 David Sylvian – Gone To Earth Virgin Records

1988 Hirayasu Yaguchi – Gastronomic Invitation (Victor)


1989 Alice – Il Sole Nella Pioggia EMI Italy

1992 Alice – Mezzogiorno Sulle Alpi* EMI Italy

1993 No Man – Sweetheart Raw One Little Indian

1993 Mick Karn – Bestial Cluster Karakter Records

1993 No Man – Painting Paradise (single) One Little Indian

B-side: Heaven Taste

1993 No Man – Loveblows And Lovecries One Little Indian

1994 Holi – Under The Monkey Puzzle Tree Funhouse/Resurgence

1994 Gota & The Heart of Gold – Sony Records

Something To Talk About

1994 Nan Vernon – Elvis Waits (Single EP) Anxious Records

1994 Stone Age – Zo Laret (single) Columbia Records


1994 Jakko – Kingdom Of Dust Resurgence

1994 Jakko – Mustard Gas And Roses Resurgence

1994 No Man – Flowermouth One Little Indian

1994 Disrhythmia – (to be advised)

1995 Gavin Harrison Sanity and Gravity Resurgence

1995 Mick Karn – The Tooth Mother CMP Records

1997 H (Steve Hogarth) – Ice Cream Genius When! Recordings

1997 H (Steve Hogarth) – Dinosaur Thing (single) When! Recordings

B-Side: The Last Thing*

1999 Cipher No Ordinary Man Gliss Records

2001 Anja Garbarek Smiling and Waving Virgin (Norway)

2000 Mick Karn Each Eye a Re Mix Medium

2002 Cipher One who Whispers Gliss Records

2002 Sheila Nicholls Wake Hollywood

2002 H (Steve Hogarth) Spirit , Body* Racket Records



1982 Lustans Lakejer – En Plat I Solen Stranded / Polar Records

1983 Akira Mitake – Out Of Reach Epic/Sony Records

1985 Die Werkpiloten – Faith Dean/Ariola Records

2003 Adom - Idiot Savant Storm Records/Universal

* Denotes Includes Compositions By Barbieri

Originally released in 2005, Things Buried was remastered & re-released in 2007 and it\'s this version that was used as the basis of this upmix..

Track listing:


1. Nevada

2. Fear And Trembling

3. Light On Glass

4. Drops Of Mercury

5. Flaw

6. Medication Time

7. Red Square

8. Path Not Taken

Usual rules please peeps:

- no asking for the stereo version: you won\'t get it from me. If you want it, go buy it so that your favourite artists can earn some money as well.

- no selling these on e-bay. I\'d rather stop making these than some idiot makes money out of selling them again.

- don\'t flame me for \'these aren\'t real DTS/DVD-A discs\' / \'what\'s the point in doing these?\' / etc. If you don\'t like them, don\'t download them. If you don\'t understand them, feel free to ask.

- don\'t use this as a forum for slagging off upmixes. If you do you will be reported to the moderators.

- \'downmixing\' any DVD-A or DTS disc to a stereo wave or mp3 is pointless: it will sound rubbish


Otherwise . . . . enjoy!


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